Terms of Service

CHATONS Charter compliance#

Hostea is committed to comply with the CHATONS charter.

All applications and infrastructure software used in Hostea are published under a Free Software license.

User content#

Hostea has no copyright claim over content uploaded by its users.

Hostea hosts, via application software, content in private spaces that are not publicly accessible. Hostea system administrators are committed to not look into those private spaces, even when they have the technical ability to do so, to respect the users privacy.

Publicly available content published on Gitea instances#

All publicly available software published on the dedicated Gitea instances provided by Hostea must be published under a Free Software license.


Hostea exclusively uses resources located in France, at the Graveline OVH datacenter (59820 Gravelines, Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, France) and at 12 bd Magenta, 75010 Paris, France. A copy of the backups is kept at Arndtstr 44, 10965 Berlin, Germany.


Security updates are applied via unattended upgrades.


Backups are managed via the Enough backup playbook so that there exist at least one backup of each machine in a geographical location that is different from the one where it runs.

Disaster recovery involves rebooting the machine that was lost using a backup, either within a libvirt hypervisor or an OpenStack tenant.

GDPR compliance#

A user can request deletion or anonymisation of the data they are unable to delete themselves by sending a request to contact@hostea.org.

A user can request an copy of the data held by Hostea that they are unable to download themselves by sending a request to contact@hostea.org.

Editorial responsibility#

The person responsible for the editorial content published on Hostea is Loïc Dachary, 12 bd Magenta, 75010 Paris.

Human contact#

Hostea users are kindly invited to get in touch with loic@dachary.org and organize a meeting in person to discuss the services provided.