Free Forge Ecosystem for Free Developers

Hostea is a self-hostable libre software development suite comprising Gitea, Woodpecker CI, Librepages and GitPad with payments integration.

  • 100% Free Software
  • Fully Self-Hostable
  • Observable and Reliable
  • Federation when available
  • Radically Transparent
  • Horizontal Community
  • Run Hostea and become a service provider!

Need an independent forge? Talk to an expert!

Imagine a world...
...where the services that you use for are not only reliable but also radically transparent.
...where the software that you rely on is 100% Free.
...where Free Software developers are treated just as fairly as they treat their users.
...where freedom doesn't come at the cost of comfort and reliability.
...where Free Software is not only comparable to proprietary software in features but leads the charge in the ecosystem.

Meet Hostea

Where sustainable free homes are created for free software development

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Radically Transparent

Hostea is radically transparent, we hold discussions in the open and publish all expenses down to the last penny

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100% Free Software

All Hostea components are Free, you are welcome to download and even sell Hostea!

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Horizontal Community

Hostea development is lead by a horizontal community minded individuals and organisations with a common goal to advance Free Software.

Gitea Clinic

Debug and Recover Self-Hosted Gitea Instances

Having issues upgrading your self-hosted Gitea? Upload it to Hostea and a doctor will help out. Once it feels better you can bring it home or decide it becomes a permanent resident.

  • Consult Gitea experts
  • Upload your sick Gitea
  • Once it gets better bring it back home
  • Optionally, decide it should get a permanent residence at hostea
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Stuck with a broken Gitea instance? Talk to a Hostea Doctor!

Gitea Hosting

Run independent software forge

Dedicated Gitea hosting with Woodpecker, flat monthly price, unlimited bandwidth and users. All upgrades included. Fully self-hostable. ETA July 1st, 2022.

  • Tested software releases
  • Infrastructure as Code Software
  • Woodpecker CI, Librepages and GitPad integrations
  • Payments manager included: become a service provider!
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Towards Forge Federation 🚀

Hostea developers are also leading the charge in implementing ecosystem-wide federation, we really care about software development :)

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Observable and Reliable

All Hostea software come with monitoring and backups configured for high, observable reliability

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Fully Self-Hostable

Like to get your hands dirty? We got you covered! Hostea comes with infrastructure as code and documentation to make self-hostable a first class experience